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Online Purchasing

We have adopted a simple and effective online purchasing experience for our buyers.

1. Pick your car
2. Contact us for history and condition reports pointing out any areas that are worn dinged scratched etc.
3. Get a live video walkaround and virtual test drive of the vehicle.
4. Arrange payment method via bank transfer or online finance application.
5. We deliver your car!

It's really that simple!

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Return Policy

You will have the opportunity to assess and test drive the vehicle when it is dropped off, make sure it is as described in the condition report, if not send it back!
Most cars sold will have a return policy - and a 90 day warranty available to give you peace of mind and confidence with your purchase.


Test Drive At Home

Our team will bring you a clean and sanitized vehicle right to your home for a test drive. You’ll be able to test out your desired vehicle just like you normally would from our dealership, but now from the comfort of your neighbourhood! A member of our sales staff will follow along with you in their own vehicle, available for any assistance, and happy to answer all of your questions via phone.

Test Drive


Have Any Questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further information about these new touchless services we’ve added. Whether at our dealership or through these zero contact methods, we’re always here to support you and put your mind at ease when shopping for a vehicle in today’s times.

*Buy From Your Couch Program* applies when a pre-deilvery package is purchased on vehicles that are less than 5 years from the original in-service date and have traveled less than 80000 kms.
If you choose to return your vehicle Orr Motors must be made aware of this prior to 6 pm EST on the second day following your purchase, regardless of the time on the day you accept the vehicle.
We can not accept a return if the car has been damaged, altered or modified in any way from the condition you received it in, or been subjected to a lien or encumbrance other than one for financing arranged on your behalf by Orr Motors.
We will not accept a return under this policy on a vehicle that has been driven in excess of 200 kms from the odometer reading on your purchase contract.
If you choose to complete a vehicle exchange you are entitled to do this one time. The vehicle you exchange to has to be an allowable vehicle (decided by management) and the exchange difference cost, if any, will be calculated at the original selling price of the vehicle you are exchanging for. The vehicle you exchange for will not be provided with a return policy.
Common sense is always our number one guiding principle at Orr Motors. If management feels that a buyer is taking advantage of our policy they have the right to refuse the return.
If your vehicle has a mechanical issue we must be given the appropriate time required to complete the repair before the return policy will apply. Once repaired then your return policy restarts from the date the work is completed. You will be provided with a loaner car while your vehicle is in for repairs. Cars are complicated mechanical devices - and this creates issues. We obviously wish this would never happen, but when it does we are here to support our customers.