Auto Detailing

Level 1 - $99

  • Wash and vacuum
  • Wash exterior - vacuum interior and mats.

Level 2 - $249

Everything in Level 1


  • Wipe down interior surfaces
  • Deep vacuum interior
  • Clean windows
  • Clean wheels

Level 3 - $349

Everything in level 2

Full interior clean

  • Remove stains, salt, detail engine bay, vents, remove minor paint contamination, hand wax.  ( interior may be damp when finished)

Extra services:

Interior deodorizing / with ozone machine

This process is amazing and can truly get rid of the smell in your car.*  However it can only be done if the interior has been fully cleaned first to eliminate the source of the smell.  We will need your vehicle overnight for an ozone treatment.  $199

Exterior Reconditioning

Our detailing staff are experts at scratch removal and paint correction.  The price of this can vary greatly depending on
the extent of the damage.  Please bring your car by for a consultation and we will be happy to provide an estimate.


*Using an ozone machine in your car is truly the only way to eliminate the smells that a vehicle's interior can absorb,  However, if it is really bad, it may take several treatments.