About Us

Fred Orr

I have been in and around the car business since I can remember. My father started Orr Motors in the early 60's and I have always worked for the family business in one aspect or another. When my father was ready to retire he owned a very successful new car franchise, and he offered me the opportunity to take it over. I declined.

After growing up working in the new car business, learning all the aspects of running a successful car dealership; parts, service center, body shop, etc., I felt having to maintain loyalty to one brand put me out of touch with too many buyers.

There are not too many things you buy in life that cost so much, yet depreciate so fast, as a new car. I am a firm believer that new cars are easy to get, and it's hard to go wrong buying a new car.. other than the price you have to pay!

This is what Orr Motors specializes in. Great used cars, at prices that are easily proven to be some of the best in the Ottawa Valley area. Because let's face it - it's really all about the price. I know that a good used car can save a consumer thousands and thousands of dollars, and I hope to bring this knowledge to anyone who passes through our website or our showroom. We offer unsurpassed value in the car business. Please feel free to contact me directly. I am a hands on operator and work my sales floor every day.